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Codify decades of driving instructor's experience in scoring, detecting, explaining and correcting human driving.

Working at Yaak

Our Beliefs

Be Open

With new knowledge throw away the old ideas. Nothing is permanent except change.

Focus on Simplicity

Reduce the problem to its core

Own It

Pick a problem that speaks to you, and don’t worry about being perfect. Immerse yourself deep and show us how it’s done.

Crush the Ego

Broke that build? Missed that meeting? Called your teacher Mom/Dad? We all make mistakes, so don’t act like you’re the only exception.

Your Perks
and Benefits.

Competitive compensation with employee share program

Flexible work-from-home policy even when the world is pandemic free

Free coffee, tea and beer as well as cereals and fresh fruit

"Our health is important to us. We offer mental health days to every team member. And we have a No-Crunch-Time policy!

Our garage is located in the historic Ullsteinhaus and is just a few steps away from the southern bank of the Teltowkanal! Perfect in summer for a team lunch by the water.

An international team full of talented, chill and cooky people.

Making a difference. Together.

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You have More Questions?

  • What does Yaak actually do?

    Yaak is developing a driver coaching platform (SafetyAI) that puts safety first. Working with our driving school clients around the world, we are encoding into SafetyAI their decades of experience in evaluating, recognizing, explaining, and correcting human driving behavior. We don't actually do anything with yaks.

  • Why are you interested in human drivers instead of AVs?

    The year 2007 heralded new possibilities in self-driving. The excitement wasn't unfounded of course. We had solved driving in rugged terrain of the Mojave Desert — with no internet connection and without supervision — Urban self-driving seemed like a few years away. A decade, a deep learning revolution, and many $B later we are still waiting for it, if/when it's unaffordable. At Yaak we asked ourself how to go about building AI that is provably safe and generalize to unseen data/environments? How can we bake explainability from ground-up into it? Instead of building a classic AV stack, why not build a safety-first driving platform that can score, detect, explain and correct human driving with high precision before its allowed on public roads. SafetyAI — our flagship product built for and with driving schools, aims to solve this. With SafetyAI we codify decades of driving instructor's experience in scoring, detecting, explaining and correcting human driving. We are looking to expand our AI team to tackle one of the biggest challenges in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, with freedom to throw away old ideas and build SafetyAI — jointly with driving instructors at our partner driving schools.

  • Do I have to come to Berlin for that?

    Not every position is equally suited to remote. That's why we offer a hybrid work model. Some of us work from Brazil, France, Poland and other countries. And for others it is absolutely necessary to work from Berlin. Check out our open positions and you'll know more :)

  • What about diversity at your company?

    Yaak is passionate about diversity and inclusion. We want you on the team - regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability. We believe that world-class work happens when you feel valued, supported, and can just be yourself.

  • Do you have a heart for career changers as well?

    Absolutely. Bringing a good deal of professional experience, openness, curiosity and independence is all that matters to us. We'll take care of the rest.