Grounding safety in data with SafetyAI.

Proving that Level 3 and Level 4 automated vehicles are safe, without limiting their operating capabilities excessively, is a grand challenge. To solve this, Yaak is building a global network of 10.000+ experts, by partnering with driving instructors and driving test examiners around the world. These experts teach our generative Safety AI to score safety, detect driving mistakes and explain why it was a driving mistake with unprecedented accuracy. Our expert network and safety AI will be accessible to anyone working on safety critical products through an API.

Making Experts part of the Autonomous Future.

Yaak has taken on the challenge of solving the issue of safety in autonomous vehicles using human input by working together with driving instructors and driving students. We rely on the expert knowledge of driving instructors from all over the world. These experts teach our artificial intelligence (AI) how to correctly navigate real-world traffic. This not only provides us with important and clean data for the development of safe autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems in the future, but also improves student training at driving schools.

Yaak SafetyAI

Generative Safety, validated by experts.

Safety AI v1.0, or SafetyGPT, is a Large Language Model (LLM). It has been trained on 300 hours of expert driving data from Germany. It can analyse video data from driving lessons and assess the safety level of the driver without any labelled data or coded driving rules. For example, in this video on the right, the model wasn't told who had the right of way. Yaak is constantly extracting new data modalities from the driving school industry and expanding to new countries.