Your Drivers License. Faster Smarter Safer.

Using the Yaak App and the Yaak VR Simulator (Beta), you can easily get your drivers license - and help make the roads a little safer. Our app helps you to learn in an efficient way and creates transparency about your learning progress.

VR Simulator (Beta)

Improve How You Learn


Improve your skills with virtual reality on real routes. Practice difficult routes from your previous practice drives and popular exam routes. No spectators, no stress, no risk. Whenever you like, as often as you like.

Everything Under Control.
With the Yaak App.


The partner driving school of your choice can simply sign you up as a student and give you access to the app. The only requirement is that your driving school has a car equipped with our Yaak technology.

Clear Overview

Look at your ratings and see where you can improve.

Learning Status

Always keep track of your completed driving hours.

Route Check

Look closely at your route and where you made mistakes. The video recording will show you exactly what happened in each of these situations.

The Yaak Learning Promise

The Booster
for Your Driving Lessons

With Yaak you can complete your driving license faster and more efficient and ideally save money.

  • 20Driving Lessons
  • 25Driving Lessons
  • 35Driving Lessons
  • 50Driving Lessons
  • If it takes longer, you save 20% or more. Choose your own pace.

  • Your drivers license. Faster Smarter Safer.

  • This is where it pays off. On average, student drivers require 20% fewer hours with our technology. ✌

  • "😥 Phew

  • 👋 Hey! Post your driving lessons here and find out how much you can save with Yaak.

Yaak SafetyAI

For More Road Safety.

Yaak's mission is to make autonomous driving safer around the world. With AI that helps you learn to drive and learns from you. That way, you can contribute to safer roads, even in your own neighborhood. And your data will remain one thing above all else: safe.

at a Glance

VR Simulator

Real routes in your area

Realistic driving practice with VR (Beta) in the car

Practice whenever you want, as often as you want

Yaak App

360° video feedback after each ride

Keep track of your progress

Keep track of all your drives and topics

Learning Promise

Use your time efficiently

On average you need 20% fewer driving hours with our technology


Protect your data

Make the traffic of the future safer